Private Schools Robotics and Engineering Contracts

Welcome to our collaboration with private schools through the STEAMUP Academy specialized programs catered for students age 3 to 17! We are dedicated to bringing cutting-edge robotics and engineering STEM programs directly to private school campuses through tailored contracts. Our goal is to provide students with hands-on experiences that ignite their passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Through our contracted partnerships, private schools can offer their students an immersive and enriching opportunity to delve into the exciting world of robotics and engineering. Our programs are carefully designed to align with educational standards while nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

By partnering with us, private schools can ensure that their students have access to high-quality STEM education, empowering them to explore, experiment, and innovate. Join us in bringing the wonders of robotics and engineering directly to your school, inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders.

Please contact us to learn more and partner with us.


Phone Number: 407-635-0029 | 407-633-0650

Join us today and watch your child's creativity and curiosity soar as they discover the exciting world of engineering!

...Tishanna Dixon