Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the holiday hours?

    We are closed on public holidays.

  2. If my child’s school closes due to weather will STEAMUP academy remain open?

    Due to inclement weather, whenever the school system closes STEAMUP Academy will also be closed.

  3. Do you offer school tours before enrollment? 

    Yes, we offer tours from 10 am to 2pm Mondays through Fridays. Please contact us to book a tour.

  4. Are meals and snacks provided? 

    Snacks are provided depending on the selected program.

  5. What do I need to do if I must pick up my child early? 

    Please contact the school at (407) 633-0650

  6. How many students are allowed per classroom?

    We pride ourselves on having small classes that allow your child to be attended to properly. Each class has a maximum of 10 students depending on the program.

  7. Is there a registration fee? 

    Yes, there is a non-refundable registration fee of $30