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STEAMUP Academy was born out of advanced research and feasibility studies into areas of growth in the educational offering in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Seminole County. This research and data provided a baseboard for the mission, vision, and purpose of STEAM UP.


STEAMUP Academy is dedicated to providing the encouragement and resources needed to accelerate the education and opportunities of our children. We foster their desire to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEAM).

  • Ready to begin working on real-world data modeling projects
  • Expanded responsibilities as part of an existing role
  • Be able to create Flyers, Brochures, Advertisements
  • Find a new position involving data modeling.
  • Work with color and Gradients and Grids

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Steam academy has been pivotal in my son's academic success. Marcell has been attending or should I say tutored for about a year now and the results are unbelievable. His scores almost doubled within a quarter and he maintains a good grade. For example Marcell is diagnosed with specific learning disability, and a language impairment, Miss Dixon started to tutor my son and within three months not only did his grades progress, but he did so well on the fast Test that currently he is in the mathematics accelerated program so he is in fourth grade, taking fifth grade math. My son still has struggles, but based on the current reports and a recent IEP meeting with the board of education, Marcell has made tremendous progress. Thanks to his steam academy.

Malcia P. Mother
Orlando Florida (Subject: Reading and Writing)

Last summer I sent my son to the Steamup academy summer camp for 10 weeks. Right from the beginning he and I were welcomed with open arms. Having him be a part of a creative team that had such a strong sense of community has truly improved his motivation to reach for new heights. It was heartwarming to witness that the knowledge and experience he received during those 10 weeks have encouraged his love for engineering.

Anna K. Mother
Orlando Florida (Summer Engineering)

Ms. Dixon is a fantastic tutor. She assessed our son before starting the tutoring sessions. Based on the results, she designed a teaching plan and informed us about the progress he will be making. Ms. Dixon's lessons are calm and comforting. She is an extremely patient tutor who provides encouragement to her students throughout the session. She is always ontime. I would recommend Ms. Dixon to any parents.

Mr Debraska. Father
Florida (Subject: Reading)

Mr. Leon has been brilliant with Lesly. He has been patient and worked hard with her in online lessons. I would not hesitate to recommend him and the STEAMUP Academy tutoring program.

Mary-Louise J. Mother
New York (Subjects: Math, Reading and Writing)

My son found it extremely difficult to learn to read and write in school. He was 6 years old and in 1st grade when he started the STEAMUP Academy's Reading and Writing Program. We began to see progress quickly and my son enjoyed the lessons so much that we decided to leave him in the program permanently.

Lauraine J.R. Father
London, UK (Subject: 2D Animation)